The Completely Unnecessary Skeptical Podcast

Episode 63 - Humanist Visa Denied

Goop, Climate Change, Evidence for Acupuncture

5 years ago

In which Nathan gets Goopy, Craig gets charged up and Siouxsie gets supplementary.


NZ Skeptics Conf 2018

News: Goop Hires Factchecker Water on Mars Craig’s Electric Car update Ken Ham’s knickers in a twist again (Polyamorous Parents)

Pubtalk Climate change denialists communicate with Craig Placebos, alternative medicine, interview on RadioLIVE

Woo Zealand:

Wellington Paranormal Humanists denied visas to come to NZ for conference

Acupuncture Evidence

Siouxsie’s Suspicious Supplements: Deer velvet and Sexual function


kerasine - Horny, resembling horn, corneous

Quote: “I often compare open source to science. To where science took this whole notion of developing ideas in the open and improving on other peoples' ideas and making it into what science is today and the incredible advances that we have had. And I compare that to witchcraft and alchemy, where openness was something you didn't do.”

--Linus Torvalds

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