The Completely Unnecessary Skeptical Podcast

Episode 64 - Crowdfunding Quackery

And, for something non-controversial: 1080

5 years ago

In which, we talk about 1080, observe the end of Goop, and finally discuss Wellington Paranormal (Spoilers. Maybe).

Crowdfunding Quackery


Measles Fatwa

1080 “controversy” 1080 Facts

Book - Matter of Fact

Grief Vampires

Massive increase in advertising spend on vitamins and supplements

People behind Baa Baa amber teething beads are branching out

The Carterton Incident

Tru Niagen

Snake Oil Visualization

Wellington Paranormal Theme X-files Theme Gravity Falls Theme All Three at the same time

WOTD: Libricide


“Once intelligent design squeezes its way into our biology books, we might as well add astrology to our astrophysics lectures and toss in some alchemy education into the chemistry lab.”

Cara Santa Maria